La grande belleza

Ignoring the fact that I was in the middle of the spring semester, I grasped an opportunity to visit my friend in Rome. I was delighted to spend a week in the eternal city. On the one hand Rome is so mainstream/ cliché but on the other hand… really, who cares…  
Early spring in the eternal city. Overcast, silver sky and deep emerald green pines. 
Basilica di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
Chiostro di Bramante  - Via Della Pace 5
San Ignazio de Loyola
Tiramisu alla crema di pistaccio
Let's tesselate!

For a week I was on a gelato -tiramisu - cornetto diet. I still dream of those delicious and impossibly sweet white chocolate cornetto a from a bakery in Amelia's neighbourhood. We were sneaking through the back door in the evening when they were warm for the next day. I fell for granita con panna from famous Tazza D’Oro Café and Lindt pralineas with champagne flavoured filling from a candy shop near Pantheon.
I laid back and with a wonderfully positive attitude, beaming with joy and almost supernatural energy coming from who-knows-what ( sugar, caffeine and art experience?) I threw myself into the daily grind.
 *The experience lasted less than48h.

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