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Hello there, Lana del Rey is back after 2,5years and so am I with a quick note on interplanetary travel experience from 2 years perspective, high on caffeine.

Last month I felt an urge to find some extra space on my laptop and reorganize my photos chronologically. I opened a real Pandora box of photos from my Erasmus. I was not surprised to find a complete documentation of my year in Barcelona. I photographed almost everything. Mostly landscapes and a few nudes. Ok… mostly blurred party snaps and random pieces of architecture.

Solo recordaremos lo que nunca sucedió - Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
Sometimes I can’t believe it – Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
I’ve done plenty wrong’ – Jon Snow, Game of Thrones
Once in a lifetime – Tears for Fears’ song playing in the background.

You  may have heard it from everyone.  Erasmus - use it wise. Don’t lose yourself. Or maybe lose yourself because what happened in X stays in X…Be yourself. Make friends (not the small talk ones, the important ones) Fall in love with the city. Explore. Live like the locals. Learn their language. Be present.

It’s a curse, I guess, like God was punishing us somehow for not appreciating it more. One day, exhausted after our daily rollerblade race, we sat on a bank on Paseo Maritimo, looking at the sea, making fun of some cowards who told us that we were losing a year. Now I envy them for not knowing the taste of those delicious bocadillos from Madame Jasmine. We live with a constant fear, that those days were the last days of magic, now everything is not enough for us.

I just want to believe, that a few of our local friends sometimes stop for a while and dial segundo/primero or just look up hoping to find my swimsuit hanging on the balcony right above crappy La Concha shisha bar.

Last year in June I came back. Once again I felt Barcelona's warm humid air on my face and . Something had changed. Traditions were still alive there - the students from the UB still celebrated la cena de clase, music  in Apolo was still the same, the beach was as crowded and dirty as it used to and the burgers at Kiosko were perfect as always. I would not mind spending every afternoon of my life in a bar with my boys, sipping coffee in a random bar on Eixample or on the coach or crappy red armchair ( obviously taken from a street)  listening to Arcade Fire while the night was falling. 
I have to move on and believe that it was only a chapter in my book, not the whole story.
We will create new memories. We can’t drown in nostalgia. Learn to appreciate and celebrate daily grind, make it important somehow. Believe that the best is yet to come.

 Santa Maria del Mar, The Cathedral of the Sea
dancing in the moonlight
poetry slam, Bar Pastis, Carrer Sta Monica
A night in Apolo
Madame Jasmine, Rambla del Raval
M83 in Razzmatazz
Nevermind a date
Spotted on Las Fallas, Valencia
WU LYF in Apolo

BCN!!! you spoiled me! Thank you so much. Dear Ryanair – TAKE ME HOME!

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